How Best To Get Rid of Belly Fat After Pregnancy?


Belly fat developing after pregnancy is a real issue and not many women pay attention to it and address it. All said and done, it is important for the health of both the mother and the baby that the mother gets back to mild physical exercises as soon s possible post delivery, and not just allow the belly fat and flab to keep accumulating.

The trick here is to start light and mild and raise the bar with each passing week. Given in this article below is a detailed description of how a woman must make sure that she gets rid of her belly fat in the best possible way.

How does pregnancy increase belly fat?

The uterus can be compared to a balloon. When your baby grows within it, it expands but doesn’t immediately go back to its original size as soon the baby is delivered. It takes anywhere between 6-8 weeks for your tummy to get back to its normal size.

Also, all the mood swings coupled with hogging on your favorite delicacies with little to no exercise during your pregnant state is bound to leave you with a bit of a bulking belly soon after delivery.

However, the good news is that you can still very much afford to get rid of all that fat with just the right number of situps, walking, and other light exercises.

Which exercises are beneficial for getting rid of belly fat post pregnancy?

  • Walking:

Go for walks but don’t drain yourself out completely. Keep running and jogging out of consideration until you physically feel strong enough for it. Having said that, there is absolutely no harm in walking around the house or taking leisurely strolls wherever and whenever possible.

  • Situps:

Have somebody assist you in the beginning so that there is no pressure. Make sure to take on sit-ups as a form of exercise only when you have healed considerably enough to bear the crunch of it.

  • Meditation:

Subject yourself to the right breathing and stretching exercises while meditating so that your body and mind both are benefitted greatly from it. Yoga is an excellent way to make sure your belly gets worked out and you lose all that flab soon enough.

  • Adapting a good body posture:

You will be surprised to know that a lot of our body issues like backaches and belly fat are directly a result of bad body posture. Ensure that you stand tall and walk gracefully. This does not mean that you hold your breath in or tuck your tummy inwards always. Just bear in mind that keeping your back straight makes your tummy appear much flatter than it actually is.

What are the precautions one must take after pregnancy regarding exercises?

If you were originally fit and worked out regularly before becoming pregnant, you will have little to no difficulty exercising post delivery too. But if you are a beginner then there are certain things to bear in mind before you start carrying out even mild exercises.

  • Exercise on an empty stomach, and don’t bend or pressurize your neck or back more than required.
  • Stay away from crash dieting in order to bring your weight down quicker than usual. Also, don’t go for extreme foods which are bound to leave an ill-effect on your body.
  • Start with light exercises and raise your bar slowly and gradually each day.



Post delivery is the time to take extreme care and precautions, especially when exercising. True that exercising is important, but remember that you need to give yourself enough time to regain your original physical state and recover quickly within the least amount of time.

Make sure that you don’t stress or tire yourself out in the process of burning your belly fat. Keep your work out sessions in accordance with the approval of your doctor and dietician according to your personal medical conditions.

Couple different types of exercises all together to ensure a complete, but mild, workout. Subject your body to those exercises which are known to burn belly fat and don’t stress you out physically. With the correct diet and proper exercise, you are bound to lose your body fat after pregnancy soon enough.


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