How Many Sit-Ups Do I Need to do to Burn Belly Fat?


Sit-ups are one of the best way to build up ab muscle. Don’t have any abs? Yes you do. But most likely it is hidden under a layer of fat. Once this fat burns away you will see your abs in all its glory.

Having said that, carrying out crunches is not as easy as it may seem. Plenty of work goes into getting the right body posture which can affect you in the right way and build those ab muscles.  If not done correctly, sit-ups are known to do more harm than good to your back and neck. Make sure you follow instructions well before exercising.

Sit Ups Do NOT
Burn Belly Fat!

Given below is a detailed description of what role sit-ups play in reducing belly fat, how can they be done right, what precautions one must take, and what are the dieting rules to be followed if you expect good results.

 Role of sit-ups in burning belly fat:

Not many people are aware of the fact that sit-ups don’t actually burn belly fat, they add muscle mass. If you are looking to shed fat around your belly, your best bet would be cardio exercises which not only burn fat around the belly but also help you burn overall fat mass.

Sit-ups, however, play an important role in adding muscle mass to your body thereby making one believe that they are shedding fat.

Sit-ups are comparatively easier to carry out than suddenly subjecting your body to cardio exercises, and is a great initial step to start working out regularly.

 What is the schedule one should follow regarding sit-ups?

There is no fixed number of sit-ups that one should do if they wish to burn belly fat. The number and effort vary from person to person with respect to their sex, age, fitness levels, and the amount of belly fat on them.

However, if you are just beginning to subject yourself to sit-ups, then you need to follow certain steps. Go in cycles of a set number each day. Start with the highest number of sit-ups in the first cycle, as per your personal capability, and then decrease your count with each cycle.

Diet control for getting rid of body fat:

No exercise spree is complete without the proper dieting instructions. Remember that you are losing body fat, so you need to cut down on all of those food items that help you build unwanted and unhealthy fat.

Make sure you cut down on unhealthy oils, fattening substances, sugar, and high-calorie meals. Consume a lot of protein and fiber so that your body can gain better muscle mass.

What precautions must one take while doing sit-ups?

  • Make sure you keep your elbows wide apart and your hands at the back of the neck. Tugging on or bending your neck can cause injury.
  • Keep your feet firm on the ground and don’t lift them up as you sit up and lie down.
  • Many people prefer to have someone else anchor their feet on the ground while they do their sit-ups. This does not work in favor of your body and must be avoided.
  • Don’t rush with your sit-ups. Yake your time and move slowly so that you benefit well from each cycle.
  • If you are a beginner, the go easy on yourself for the first few times till your body gets the hang of it. Then once you get accustomed to exercising, you can raise the bar with each cycle.


No matter how important or effective sit-ups may be in the process of reducing belly fat, they are not all. There are plenty of other exercises like crunches and pushups that you should implement along with sit-ups to ensure a complete and thorough body workout.

This will not only help get rid of your belly fat faster but will also be beneficial in the long run. Having said that, one must also ensure that the diet is kept in control when you are on your way to a toned belly.

No matter the number of sit-ups you subject your body to, they won’t make a difference if your diet isn’t on point. A healthy diet, the required number of sit-ups, and a perfect combination of other exercises too as per required is bound to give a perfect, fat-free and toned belly over time.

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