How Many Types Of Belly Fat Are There?


Well, we all want to have a healthy body, don’t we? It is something that we have wanted ever since we grew up. To have a proper figure and to look attractive is something that we all want. We would be willing to do anything for it.

Well, when you have a particularly average weight, then the chemicals and the hormones that are secreted by the fat cells of your body are pretty much healthy. So when does the actual problem arise? Well, it when the fat cells of the body tend to grow.

This is what happens to the people who are overweight and have obesity issues. Both the traditional medicines and the modern medicines agree on the fact that the belly fat that is stored in the body in an excess amount is the reason why people have health problems. Hypertension chronic inflammation and diabetes are one of the main results of belly fat increase.

Different Types of Belly Fat That You Have

Let’s get one thing cleared out, not all the types of belly fats are harmful. They all have their own way of affecting the body of the person. So, here we are with the different types of belly fats. Let’s start with the ones that don’t harm you much and work our way up there.

Distended And Bloated Belly

It is not a surprise to us that distention, which is also known as the increasing of the abdominal girth is not really in any relation to the belly fat. Same is the case with bloating as well. However, this fact also cannot be ignored that these two factors are really common indicators of several digestive problems and disorders and eventually result in belly fat. The cause for bloating and distention is always the excess production of gas. They mostly happen after you have had an intense meal. So, as they are not very much harmful, you don’t have to put an extra effort to make these go away. Just some simple exercises would do.

Subcutaneous Fat

Most people are worried a lot about the Subcutaneous Fat. It is the fact that gets accumulated in the skinny areas of the body. The most targeted body parts are the hips, thighs, and the waist. I get it why it is so important to control this type of fat. It is specifically because the fat is really visible and people can actually see it. The Subcutaneous Fat eventually makes our body look like an eyesore. This is exactly the reason why we want to lose this type of belly fat so much quicker. But the fact is that they are not very much harmful. Simple exercises like walking and dancing would help.

Lower Belly Fat

Have you ever had the softy stomach where the lower abdomen should be? Well, that is the lower belly fat that we are talking about. In the case of lower belly fat, the cause can be some digestive issues and lifestyle factors as well. The lower belly fat is one of the most common belly fats that people have. Even the skinny people aren’t safe from it. If you are skinny and you still have trouble fitting in your pants that get stuck in your waist, you know what we are talking about.

Punctured Tire Fat

Well, now that’s a really funny name. However, the effects of this type of belly fat aren’t funny at all. Ever notice the fat, bulgy part that you have around your waist. Well, this is the Punctured Tire Fat and the main reason why you have it because of an unhealthy and improper diet. Yes, fried foods, alcohol, sugar, and most importantly sodas are the foods that cause the fat. So how do you know you have the punctured tire fat? Well, it is when you belly bulge starts to dip. Intense exercise is the only way to lose the belly fat. Plus, remember to have no processed food.

Visceral Fat

We are so worried about the Subcutaneous Fat that we forget about the most harmful one yet. The Visceral fat, although not visible is the most harmful one of them all. This abdominal fat tries to occupy the areas between the organs. So that means that your body will be affected in a very bad way. It is due to this fact that most people have the cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other problems as well. To lose this fat, you might have to go through an intense routine of a workout.

So, now you know the different types of fat? Which one do you have? Figure it out and try to lose it.

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