103 Of The Best Fat Burning Foods


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I often get asked what the best food are for fat burning. So, rather than give a short answer to people and leave them with limited choices, I decided to put together a pretty comprehensive list of the best foods. I like to call these my “Green Light” foods, named after the green (or go) light on a stop light.

Why are these foods great for fat loss?

You can skip the treadmill – We need to be conscious of the calories we eat vs. the calories we expend. The foods on this list get a big thumbs up for their calorie content, so we can spend less time in the gym.

They promote fat burning over carb storage – Excess carbs and high glycemic index carbs can negatively effect the fat burning process. So, to get the most from our fat burning diet, we want to eat foods that will promote fat burning instead of promote fat retention. Low glycemic carb and lower carb calorie foods are the best way to lose our middle.

Because we’re sick of Fred Flinstone – We know we need vitamins and minerals, and these foods provide a wide array of necessary nutrient. So, eat these foods and throw away those Flinstone vitamins.

They have fiber – Another important dietary ingredient is fiber. Fiber has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve our digestive functions. Many of the foods on our list offer a good deal of fiber content.

Because you secretly want to be a bodybuilder – It’s very important to make sure that we get adequate amounts of protein to help repair our muscles after our workout. Even if you don’t want to be a bodybuilder, or you don’t work out at all, proteins are essential to the human body and are integral to the health of your blood, skin, hair, nails and internal organs.

You’ll think the Energizer Bunny is a lazy, good-for-nothing – The other great thing about eating the fat burning foods listed here is that you will notice an increase in energy. In fact, many readers report being more energetic than Charlie Sheen on a late night binge…Ok, that parts not true, but you will see your energy skyrocket.

Proteins Vegetables Grains Fruits Beans Dairy Fats Nuts
Fish – Mackerel Cabbage Whole Wheat Bread Grapefruit Kidney Beans (canned) Cottage Cheese – 2% Olive Oil Almonds
Fish – Tuna Spinach Rye Bread Oranges Chickpeas Cottage Cheese – Low Fat Canola Oil Walnuts
Fish – Salmon Broccoli Multi-grain Bread Pears Navy Beans Yogurt – Non Fat Peanut Oil Macadamia Nuts
Fish – Talapia Kale Quinoa Apples Lentils – Red Yogurt – Low Fat Sesame Oil Pecans
Chicken Breast Asparagus Barley Strawberries Lentils – Green Sour Cream – Low Fat Walnut Oil Pistachios
Beef – Ground 95% Lean Bell Pepper Oats – Steel Cut Cranberries Pinto Beans Milk – 1% Flax Seed – Oil
Pork Tenderloin Carrots Whole Wheat Tortilla Blueberries Lima Beans Milk 1%
Boneless Top Loin Roast Green Peas Brown Rice Blackberries Fava Beans Milk – Low Fat
Leg Of Lamb Lettuce Buckwheat Cantelope Swiss Cheese – Low Fat
Lamb Shank Romaine Bulger Bananas American Cheese – Low Fat
Eye Round Roast Cauliflower Potatoes – Baked Cherries Yogurt- Greek
Top Round Roast Zucchini Potatoes – Broiled Pears
Bottom Round Roast Egg Plant Potatoes – Boiled Peaches
Top Sirloin Mushrooms Grapes
Round Tip Roast Kiwi
Round Steak Avocado

To get the most out of this list, you will want to structure your meals so that you get some protein with every meal. This will help protect you from muscle loss, which is a problem with many diets, and can cause your metabolism to slow.

Also, be sure to check the sugar and carb content of any food before you eat it. For example, I have low fat yogurt on the list, but many companies add a ton of sugar to their yogurt.

The 103 fat burning foods on this list should give you plenty of meal options to chose from. Mix and match the foods to suit your taste and try to find the ones that you like the best. Then make those a regular part of your meal plan.

Go Forth and Eat!!!


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