5 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Like Candle Wax


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The problem with getting rid of stubborn belly fat is that you can’t really do it with exercise alone. Many of my readers know I love exercise and the benefits that you get from it, but if you want to burn belly fat, food choices are more important than your exercise routine .

You probably hear a lot of conflicting advice about what foods are best for losing weight. Should you eat carbs, or not eat carbs? Are proteins really essential? So, to be clear, because our goal is a little different than the average person who wants to lose weight, we need to forget most of the advice that people traditionally dispense about dieting.

That’s because most diet advice is geared towards people who have lots of fat to lose. Most people are packing on enough pounds and have diets that even the Hamburgler would cringe at, that just about any diet will result in some initial weight loss.

But belly fat is a different sort of problem because it’s very stubborn fat. Usually when you diet, you lose weight everywhere but your belly. In fact, fact clings to the midsection worse than a koala bear to a tree in the middle of a wind storm. So , we have to take a more aggressive approach if our target is the visceral fat that makes our middle soft, round and ugly.

From my experience the easiest thing to to do is to make subsititions for things you normally eat on a regular basis. For instance, let’s say bread is your thing, you like to eat breads, crackers and the like. Well, this stuff often has sugars and corn syrups that mess up our insulin levels are  detrimental out goal of getting rid of fat. However, replacing those foods with some of the fat burning foods listed below will help us reveal our naturally ripped abs.

5 Foods That Burn Belly Fat Like Candle Wax

1. Beans –  Beans make the list because they are high in fiber and they provide enough protein to help meet our daily protein requirements. Plus, beans help you feel full and satisfied because they offer a little bulk to our diet. Rather than eating one of those thin,100 calorie processed snack packs, beans have fiber and substance to them, plus theyare a slow burning carb. Eating beans keeps of from feeling famished 10 minutes after we eat.

One advantage to high fiber, like beans,is that they take much longer to digest and don’t mess with our insulin levels. This means they are a perfect substitution for bad, insulin spiking carbs like the aforementioned breads, crackers, and other processed foods. Not to mention, they also help to lower your bad cholesterol, so that means that they really are good for your heart!

2. Eggs – The other thing we need in our fat burning quest is an ample supply of protein. Protein helps us build and maintain our muscles mass, which is an important element in keeping our metabolism running high. Often, people on diets neglect their protein intake and their body starts using their own muscle as an energy and protein source. This causes muscle loss and, what they don’t realize, is that for every pound of muscle they lose, they are also burning 40-50 less calories a day. It’s one of the reasons their metabolism slows and their diets stops working.

So, in the interest of keeping our protein intake high enough, we are going to add eggs to our list of great fat burning foods.

3. Chicken – Chicken also makes our list for much the same reason that eggs do. Chicken is a high protein food, but it is also low in fat. So, we get the goodness of protein, without the extra calories from fat.

The other thing about chicken, and most protein foods for that matter, is that your body actually burns calories in the assimilation process. The guys in white lab coats call this the “thermal effect of food.” Our chicken requires more calories to digest and use than something like a piece of bread, which is assimilated relatively easily. This means the net calories for chicken are actually less than they first appear.

4. Broccoli – I chose brocolli, but I could have chosen any number of other green vegetables. However, there is a method to my madness. Let’s face it, we all hate those gnawing hunger pains when were on a diet. After a while, even the food in the dog’s bowl starts to look good, when you feel deprived and hungry. So, to avoid this feeling we want to eat foods that have some bulk.

Broccoli is a food with some volume, so it fills our stomachs a bit more than many other vegetables. And, let’s face it, you probably don’t eat enough vegetables to begin with, so adding brocolli to the mix will offer you a lot of other health benefits, like fighting cancer.

If you prefer other vegetables, great, stick with those. The important thing is to just eat them. Also, it is a good idea to avoid canned vegetables because they tend to have a lot preservatives. But, when faced with the choice between canned vegetables and the Biggie Size Fries from McD’s, chose the canned vegetables.

You might be surprised to learn that frozen vegetables are s a good choice. Many times the vegetables are flash frozen right after picking so they retain many more of the nutrients.

5. Whole Grains – Here is another very simple switch that will help us lose weight. Go for whole grain foods as opposed to the white flour foods, which have relatively little nutritional value. A good choice, for example, is wheat breads that don’t use corn syrup and that have at least 3 grams of fiber per slice.

Also, you will find a variety of whole grain options for other foods such as pastas, cereals, and breads. However, don’t be confused by the labeling. The FDA let’s food companies be pretty liberal with their claims and many “whole wheat foods” don’t really have that much whole wheat. Instead they use a mix of whole wheat and white flour. Look at the ingredients and make sure the first or second ingredient listed is whole wheat.

Other choices in the grain category are oats, barley and quinoa. These are all low glycemic index foods that won’t send your insulin into overdrive and undermine your fat burning goals.

You will find that meals built around these 5 pillar choices will really accelerate your weight loss. Especially if you add exercise to your weekly routine.

The next time that you head off to the grocery store, drop these fat burning foods into your cart and walk right by the foods that are made of sugars, white flour, or those that are high in fat. Make these simple substitution and watch that belly fat melt right off.


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