How To Burn Fat Like A 4 Alarm Fire


There I was standing in front of the mirror, grabbing my belly with both hands wondering how I got to look like a bowling pin. I didn’t use to look like this. In all modesty, there was a point where I might have even been considered kinda hot.

But, life has a way of taking it’s toll. First it was a knee surgery, then another, and another. Pretty soon, my trips to the gym were far fewer than my trips to Burger King. Eventually, I hit that point where I decided I was going to take my life back and get back to being that fit, athletic guy that I used to be.

However, I didn’t really know where to start. I tried just about everything, and I bought just about every exercise, fitness, and weight loss book I could find….Quite frankly, trigonometry is easier to figure out than how to lose belly fat. At least with Trig, you get a right or a wrong answer.

With weight loss, you get conflicting opinions from everybody, including the exerts. Should I eat a low carb diet to lose weight? Should I lift weights? Should I do cardio instead? Every “expert” has an answer. And in some respects, they’re all a little right, but also very wrong when our circumstances don’t match the subject of the latest study…And, there are companies and experts with an agenda, so you have to wade through this info knowing that some of it is tainted by greed. They want you to buy their latest and greatest fat burning pill, ab machine, or video.

What I have done for you is collect the bits of wisdom that I have found to be true. It’s stuff that’s worked for me, your guinea pig if you will, and for other people. And it’s real information that is supported by some of the best minds in the business. So, here’s the Fat Burning Formula that always works.

Do I need to worry about what I eat?

To really chip away at that belly fat, you’ll need to get control of your diet. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be painful and you don’t have to eat twigs and berries. The best strategy to burn off fat is to rev up your metabolism and keep it running high. This requires that you’re well fed.

In fact, it’s actually detrimental to over-diet. When you reduce your calories too much, you actually run the risk of slowing your metabolism down. Considering that we burn 60-70% of our calories just by being alive, the last thing we want to do is to be “less alive” and burn fewer calories.

Also, from a veteran dieter, I can tell you there are always ways to make even the worst diets easier. So, I’ll show you some great ways to deal with the hassles that often go along with dieting.

Eat the foods that burn fat

There are definitely good choices and bad choices when it comes to food. Some foods promote the retention of fat, while others promote the burning of it. We, of course, want to eat the ones that burn fat.

There’s quite a few excellent choices, so I suggest you start by reading this:

103 Of The Best Fat Burning Foods

The Truth About Carbs and Fat Loss

These  articles will tune you into proper food choices.

Do diets have to suck?

Dieting can be hard or easy. Ultimately, extreme diets and most of those fad, gimmicky diets suck. They make you starve yourself. so that you are climbing up the walls, ready to eat the pad of paper on your desk.

It’s also one of the reasons that diets don’t stick. We break diets when they become too uncomfortable to tolerate. We’ve all ran to the nearest vending machine for a snickers bar (or two) because we couldn’t tolerate the hunger any longer. If you’re going to burn fat, you need to be satisfied when you are done eating.

Check out the following article and see how to stick to your healthy diet:

8 Proven ways to stick to your diet 


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