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Core 2 Sit Up Ab MachineThe Wonder Core Sit Up Exerciser –

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– Due to lack of time or for financial reasons, many people prefer to work out in their homes rather than going to the gym or hire a personal trainer.

But one of the most crucial and important steps of working out at home is to get a machine that is compatible with your exercises, is within your budget, and can be handled by you alone.

In addition to that, having a home-workout device that replaces not 1 but 12 devices is nothing less than a treasure. This product has multiple benefits that most people look for in a home-workout device.

This Wonder Core 2 Sit-Up Exerciser has plenty of advantages and benefits and is one amazing device to own and use.

Let us see how.

Features and Description:

Anyone looking at this device for a good and useful home workout session must know that it provides the benefits of 12 gym fitness equipment and is nothing but a boon to have in the vicinity of your home.

It also sports an ergonomic design which is trendy nowadays. In addition to that, it also boasts of being able to stretch and twist beyond 180o and 360o respectively. Core 2 Situp Ab Machine

The Wonder Core 2 Sit-Up Exerciser is specially designed to work out your lower, middle and upper abs exclusively. In other words, this device can make you a fitness freak with a chiseled ab core.

There are a couple of fitness levels to choose from. Which means that this machine will provide just the right amount of resistance at both times: i.e. while going up and coming down too.

This product can be used by beginners who have just started training and also by people who are already hardcore fitness enthusiasts.

User Reviews:

Many users have pointed out that this chair offers such amazing quality of workout that one can benefit tremendously within half the time and double the workout.

Owing to the smart, elegant, and trendy design of this product, the head and neck are fully supported and there is no strain whatsoever.

There are multiple levels of resistance offered which means one can choose according to his or her own will.

Pros and Cons:

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this device to understand its performance better.

Easy to use, simple to understand and assemble Some users found the seat a little too wobbly
for easy and safe use.
Does not take up a lot of space within your home The back support is a little inefficient for heavy adults and
for the ones over 5 feet in height.
Armbands provided for resistance training presence of a headrest would have taken the
performers of this product several notches higher.
Good back support


With The Wonder Core 2 Sit-Up Exerciser you can definitely build your abs, get rid of your chronic backaches and even address your love handles with proper and regular use.

The drawback of this chair may be that it is incompatible for heavier adults, but one cannot negate the fact that it fits perfectly well with slim to medium weighted people.

Also, this device is well within budget and quite affordable for people who are looking for a good product in limited means.

Having said that, one can always rely upon former and current user reviews to gain insight into the working of the product; and the reviews of this product are well in its favor.

So, it is high time you got yourself this product for your home workout sessions as soon as possible.


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