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PowerLine PAB139X Ab BoardPowerLine PAB139X Ab Board

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Many people, nowadays, prefer working out at home than going to the gym for the same. The reasons for this may be many.

Financial crunches or lack of time are just among a few valid and common reasons why most people prefer working out by themselves at home.

However, working out at home is not a cakewalk. It is best to invest in a product that will fetch you maximum returns in terms of benefit and fitness if you are going to work out at home.

The PowerLine Ab Board comes with a variety of cool and astonishing features. Read on to know more about them and also about what users have to say regarding the pros and cons of this product.

Features and Description:

The Powerline PAB139X Ab Board is designed keeping in mind the need of most individuals: flattening the stomach and getting rid of love handles.

  • Many people choose this product since it has many exclusive features which are found in few other devices available outside.
  • The backrest or the back pad of this chair is 22 inches long. In other words, it can accommodate even the tallest person without any challenges.
  • The ab board comes with foam rollers of size 8 inch in order to provide the maximum possible comfort to the user.
  • The vinyl cushions which make up most of this chair and sweat-resistant. The entire framework of this device is made up of heavy-duty steel frames.

User Reviews:

It is not just simply that a product happens to become one of the most sought-after by customers. This is what users have to say about it:

  • Many users say that this product has helped them achieve better abdominal muscle mass along with a smaller
  • In addition to that, the steel framework, though tough and strong, is easy to handle and simple to adjust as per one’s required settings.
  • There are 12 different resistance levels available that help you alter the resistance you need, thereby taking your workout sessions a notch higher with each passing day.

Pros and Cons:

Take a look at the pros and cons of this device in order to make an unbiased decision of whether you should go for it or not.



Can easily hold heavy and tall people, and individuals who fall into these categories can go about their daily work out session on this device without having to worry about it coming apart.


A good number of users have found this product to be inefficient due to the absence of a backrest.

However, there are plenty other advantages this product has in the replacement of a backrest.

The design of this exercise machine is simple yet works in favor for most of the users.

Many people have also reported that their backache has almost disappeared since they started using it.

The bars which hold your legs while you sit up and lie down are a little on the lighter side.

In other words, they are not as strong as one would expect them to be, and you may just not be able to rely on them completely.


Although this device offers enough inclination for heavy workouts, you can raise the bar by placing the front of the ab board on a stool or a step for better inclination. Some people also found this device a somewhat tedious to put together before use. The holes weren’t seemingly aligned, and professional assistance might be needed.
The price of this product is quite reasonable for the quality it offers and, you can be assured, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.



The PowerLine PAB139X Ab Board may have a few glitches and drawbacks, there is nothing denying the fact that it surpasses most other similar products in quality as well as performance.

This product is quite easy to own owing to its reasonable and affordable rates.

For someone who is a little hesitant to spend a bomb on gym memberships and hire personal trainers can easily invest in the PowerLine Ab Board and end up making the best use of their time and money.

Before you settle for any device, make sure that it is line with your preferences and choices.

Don’t make any compromises regarding your body workout sessions and invest only in that product which is sure to give you the desired outcomes and better returns than expected.


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